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Marine Action Magnetic Island

Marine Action Magnetic Island (MAMI) is composed of community members interested in, or with expertise in, marine science and related issues.


The group uses action and education to protect the sustainability and health of the waters surrounding Magnetic Island, which are part of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area and the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. 

MAMI aims to be proactive as well as reactive, engaging in policy and legislative reform initiatives via the group's expert and lay membership.


The Group works in partnership with stakeholders, other Magnetic Island associations, and the community.


Aniko Papp

‭0400 305 714‬


Our vision is to protect our marine environment for all residents and visitors to enjoy, now and in the future, and to minimise our impact on the Island’s World Heritage values and its unique natural marine environments. 


MAMI aims to ensure that any use of our marine environment is as sustainable, resource efficient and as carbon neutral as possible.



Our objectives are to:

  1. Provide a forum for effective communication and engagement with open, transparent, and constructive dialogue between the community, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA), Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS), Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services (QPWS), Marine Safety Queensland Council, government departments, commercial providers, and technical experts.

  2. Collate information to better understand the marine environment around Magnetic Island.

  3. Improve knowledge and understanding by the local Island community and visitors of our marine environment, its sustainable use, actions we can take to reduce the impact of human use, and to promote participation in initiatives and solutions to further those aims. 

  4. To identify and secure funding where needed, and to act on and implement any projects identified by the Group.


The themes and provisional projects that MAMI is currently exploring are:


Coastal restoration 

  • Restore dune environments: the region between sea and shore.


Protection of flora and fauna

  • Restore and protect turtle nesting sites and dune habitats.


Fringing reef protection around Magnetic Island

  • Improve signage at high-use areas (e.g. the Nelly Bay and Geoffrey Bay Snorkel Trails).

  • Safe snorkelling practises that don't damage the Reef.

  • Reduce the top of the reef being damaged.

  • Alma Bay/Geoffrey Bay water quality issues: i.e., the possible development at Bremner Point, and the Alma Bay stormwater works, both of which are Green Zones. 


Marine protection

  • Illegal fishing and compliance.

  • Information about zoning in a clear and easy way.

  • Cumulative impact of marine permits.


Marine Safety

  • Jet ski usage/safety concerns to snorkelers and swimmers.

  • Safe snorkelling practises.


Policy issues: How to ensure the World Heritage values of Magnetic Island and its marine environment are protected.

  • GBRMPA permits system.

  • World Heritage values/EPBC and strategic assessment of marine usage/plan for Magnetic Island.


Community education

  • Coordinated public environmental education and interpretation program due to issues around the current GBRMPA signage and zoning information. 

  • Information/cultural centre for marine/land/Wulgurukaba.

Magnetic Island Long-Term Coral Monitoring

"I early February 2022 we were asked by the MICDA to resurvey many long-term coral monitoring sites on Magnetic Island that we first set up in 1988. We had a perfect weather window and managed to visit all 27 of our old sites. Come along with us and explore these interesting fringing reefs." 

- Tony Ayling

Magnetic Island Long-Term Coral Monitoring: Fringing Reef Resurvey and Comparison with all Previous Surveys
By Sea Research: A.M. and A.L. Ayling with assistance from D.M. Ceccarelli
February 2022

Join us

All members of the Magnetic Island community are welcome to be part of this Working Group. The Group holds monthly meetings on the Island, with a Zoom link for those who cannot attend in person.  


If you would like to come to a meeting, please contact the group coordinator, Aniko Papp at:

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