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Climate Action Project for Business

By working together we aim to assist your Magnetic Island business to be more efficient, profitable, and most importantly, ecologically friendly.


The Magnetic Island Climate Action Project has a strong focus on business given that businesses use most of the electricity, and create most of the waste on the Island.


This grant funding has allowed the engagement of two part time Business Advisors, Adriana Labate (Zero Waste) and Stephen Rodan (Energy), who will work with Magnetic Island businesses from April 2024 to October 2025. Find out more about Adriana and Stephen here.


FREE Advice!

As a business owner, Adriana and Stephen will tailor FREE advice to suit your needs. It might be a one off consultation, or it might be a series of engagements, depending on your needs.

Sabine Wigley from Cafe Nourish in Horseshoe Bay explains the ease and the benefits of being a more sustainable and zero waste business.

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Adriana Labante
Zero Waste Business Advisor


P: 0420 507 566


As your Zero Waste Business Advisor, Adriana together with Diana Condylas of Plastic Free NQ, will work with you and:

  • Consult with you about your waste generation and disposal.

  • Provide you with practical and cost effective solutions to reduce waste generation and disposal.

  • Help you with sustainability related grant, subsidy and rebate applications.

  • Help set up the collection of recycled goods as part of the Zero Waste strategy to enable long-term recycling by businesses.

  • Look at your business becoming involved with the current food waste or green waste conversion projects.

  • Provide practical help for you become part of the wider plan for Magnetic Island to be free of single-use plastic.

  • Provide you with advice and practical actions to reduce waste and reduce costs.

There will be forums, surveys and workshops to enable businesses like yours to have a say and provide feedback, as well as exchange ideas and actions.

Do you live on Magnetic Island? Visit our Resident Zero Waste page for more information.

Zero Waste Business Advisor

Joe Niven from Totally Renewable Magnetic (TRM) explains the ease and importance of changing our energy consumption by installing and using renewable energy to power our businesses and community.

Stephen Rodan.JPG

Stephen Rodan
Energy Business Advisor (TRM)


P: 0458 269 842


As your Energy Business Advisor, Stephen will work with you and:

  • Consult with you around your current energy use.

  • Improve your energy efficiency and solar generation.

  • Help your business to obtain electricity from renewable sources by providing you with practical steps, alternatives and solutions that fit your specific needs.

  • Where relevant, facilitating grant/subsidy/tax incentive applications for energy efficiency improvements.

  • Provide you with advice and practical actions to improve energy efficiency and reduce costs.

There will be forums, surveys and workshops to enable businesses like yours to have a say and provide feedback, as well as exchange ideas and actions.

Do you live on Magnetic Island? Visit our Resident Energy page for more information.

Energy Strategy

Climate Action Project FAQ for Businesses

1. Can a business sign up for one part or all? 

Yes. Any business operator on Magnetic Island can ask to join the Zero Waste Strategy and/or the Energy Strategy for FREE! You can also just seek more information at any time.


2. How can businesses get involved?

Please contact your business advisor/s via their contact details above, or use the form at the bottom of this page.


ZERO WASTE: Any Island business in the food/beverage takeaway, catering and/or events, accommodation sectors can start by joining Plastic Free Places NQ.


A BUSINESS BONUS!: This is a great opportunity for free promotion of your business on the Plastic Free Townsville, Totally Renewable Magnetic, Zero Waste Magnetic Island, and other social media sites and websites.


3. Is there a limit to how many businesses can join?

Possibly. Once we reach a critical mass of businesses, we may have to limit how many more businesses we can help as we only have two part time workers until October 2025. We suggest that businesses come forward as soon as possible. 


4. Will there be a priority? 

Yes. We hope to work with food production businesses like supermarkets, cafes, restaurants, accommodation providers, multi-unit holiday premises, pubs, and other high waste or energy users on Magnetic Island as a priority.


5. What if business premises are owned by a landlord, can businesses get involved? 

Yes. Energy efficiency and zero waste strategies will equally apply for leased premises. For solar generation, depending on the lease term, there are structures that allow the tenant and landlord to share the benefits appropriately.

HAVE YOUR SAY: Where are we at?

So we can work out where we want to go with our Climate Action Strategy, we need to know where we are right now.

What is our community doing right now?

To help us to become more sustainable, Zero Waste Magnetic Island and Totally Renewable Magnetic (TRM) are keen to know your thoughts about Magnetic Island’s waste generation and energy use.

Please help us by taking a few minutes to share your views. THE SURVEY should take no longer than 5 minutes.


This Survey deadline is 30 June 2024.

survey meme 2.jpg

What happens next?

We will be holding events like workshops, information sessions etc., and conducting surveys, from time to time. Please like the MICDA Facebook page to stay up to date, and see the News page.

If you would like to become involved, or for more information, please complete the form below, or contact the Advisors directly below this form:

I would like more information

Thanks for getting in touch.

Email inquiries


Resident Zero Waste Solutions:

Aniko Papp


Business Zero Waste Solutions:

Adriana Labante



Resident Energy Solutions:
Joe Niven


Business Energy Solutions:
Stephen Rodan


Climate Action Contact Form
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The Community Climate Action Project for Magnetic Island (Yunbenun) is funded by the partnership between the Australian Government’s Reef Trust and the Great Barrier Reef Foundation.


Visit our Facebook page to stay up to date!

Our Partners:

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