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Energy - Totally Renewable Magnetic (TRM)

The objective of the Magnetic Island Community Energy Working Group known as 'Totally Renewable Magnetic (TRM) is ensuring Magnetic Island has reliable, resilient, renewable and sustainable energy.

Building on the Solar Cities Program of 2008 to 2013, TRM is a voluntary community group formed on Magnetic Island with
assistance of Townsville City Council, Energy Queensland, Ergon, MINCA and MICDA.

This group meets usually in person and by Zoom. If you would like to be involved please contact the Group Coordinator.



Joe Niven

Facebook (General page)

Facebook (Group documentation page)


Stephen Rodan


P: 0458 269 842

TRM aims to make Magnetic Island’s electricity supply 100% renewable by 2030

Our aim is to:


1. Increase solar generation on Magnetic Island


2. Then invest in storage


3. Seek funding to install microgrids to share the benefits


4. Encourage electricity to be used more efficiently and manage demand

Who are we?


The Totally Renewable Magnetic is a volunteer group with the following members:

Joe Niven – MINCA

Greg Bruce – Townsville City Council

Dylan Furnell – Townsville City Council

Gethin Morgan – MINCA

Les Sampson – MICDA

Meredyth Woodward – Community#

Mary Anne Anderson – Community#

Blake Carney – Community#

Julie Heath – Community Engagement Ergon*

Richard McArthur – Peppers*

Kate Austin – Community Engagement Ergon*

Justin Bridgman – Power and Light*

Tania Thoreau – MICDA*


# Joined from April 2022

* Resigned or reduced involvement due to work commitments, etc.


​Radio interview of Joe Niven by ABCNQ on Magnetic Island Energy on 7th April 2022

What have we covered so far?

We firstly considered work previously undertaken:

  • Solar Cities Project (2008 – 2012)

  • Ergon’s Workshop (Nov 2020);

  • Decarbonisation of the barrier reef (Dec 2020)

We considered and discussed the following:

  • The expected replacement of one of the 2 undersea transmission lines (not expected for 10+ years)

  • Potential supply constraints at peak demand periods (not currently being experienced)

  • The overall demand curve throughout the year and the typical day

  • Electric vehicles and Green transport (buses, bikes, scooters, rentals and ferries)

  • Solar panels and hot water

  • Battery storage

  • Hydrogen

  • Building design, standards and approvals


Potential funding sources:


  • Resilience Risk Reduction Fund

  • Renewable Energy Zones

  • SmartE Grant Program

  • Hydrogen Hubs

  • Community communications

  • ARENA funding of a predominantly solar micro-grid on Lord Howe Island

  • What did we do?


By August 2021, we decided to concentrate on the following topics:

  • Solar

  • Micro-grids

  • Hydrogen

  • Community communications / Energy efficiency

  • Sustainable development (inc. retrofit)

In November 2022 we rebranded and launched the group as Totally Renewable Magnetic (TMR).

Since November 2022 TRM continues to hold workshops to assist local Island residents and business to 'go solar'.

For more information read:

TRM regularily have community information sessions, or contact the Working Group coordinator Joe Niven, if you would like to discuss your specific energy/solar requirements.

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