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Magnetic Island Community Garden (MICG)

The Magnetic Island Community Garden Group was established in May 2021. The group's committee currently consists of five Island-based volunteers to lead the initiative.

Soon after becoming an established group, the committee conducted a community survey to canvas the level of support and the nature of interest in a Community Garden. Well over 100 surveys were received (in both online and paper forms), and 90% of the respondents strongly support a Community Garden on Magnetic Island. The survey responses have also provided useful information and insights to guide the design of a multi-functional Community Garden space.

In December 2021, the committee submitted a proposal to Townsville City Council, seeking support for the Community Garden concept and to secure a suitable location, as well as some initial funding for its establishment and ongoing maintenance. Further discussions with Council are underway.

Please contact us  if you are interested in learning more about the Magnetic Island Community Garden concept and/or being involved in the Group.



Gay McCosker

Our Vision

  • To create beautiful, productive, healthy and social community gathering spaces that are available to all ages, backgrounds and abilities

  • To be an inspirational community garden community which demonstrates, promotes and educates sustainability, health, and wellbeing

  • To create a sense of place and identity within the community.

Our Goals

  • Growing food locally and sustainably, and promoting healthy living

  • Creating an open space for shared community activities

  • Educating community members in sustainability and local food production by bringing together educators with those interested in learning

  • Sustaining ourselves as an island community

  • Sustainably integrating the beneficial reuse of food and garden organics

  • Invigorating neglected or unused public space

  • Establishing strong links with local community and developing a sense of community pride.

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