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Magnetic Island Water Group (MIWG)

The Magnetic Island Water Group works in partnership with other Island associations and groups, for the local community.


It informs the community about current and future water supply, surface and subsurface hydrological conditions, as well as sewerage waste services and disposal.



Aniko Papp

Gustav Creek


To create a sustainable water supply, sewerage disposal and stormwater management systems, infrastructure that is affordable, reliable and minimises any impact on our World Heritage values - and the natural land and marine environments unique to Magnetic Island.


We aim to have our water and waste systems made as resource-use efficient, and as carbon neutral as possible.

Magnetic Island's Water Story

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Water on Magnetic Island Dec 2020 Report

Water on Magnetic Island Final Report Dec2020.jpg

FREE Water refill stations on Magnetic Island

Did you know that there are many places on Magnetic Island where you can top up your water bottle for free and save on plastic waste?

Click here to see the map of all your FREE Water Refill locations!

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