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Yunbenun Sustainable Planning Group (YSPG)

The Yunbenun Sustainable Planning Group (YSPG) is composed of Magnetic Island community members that have a strong interest in the current and future sustainable strategic development planning requirements for the Magnetic Island community. 

The group’s focus is land use around the Island now and in the future, and how best to preserve and enhance the natural landscape, the village atmosphere and create a sustainable human community. 


The intent is to preserve the Island’s World Heritage values and the iconic national marine parks around the Island, balancing our human community needs and the imperative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to become a carbon neutral community.


YSPG works in partnership with the whole community, other community associations, relevant stakeholders and provides opportunities for community consultation.


Aniko Papp

0400 305 714


YSPG aims to: 


  • Identify key stakeholders in the development processes that apply to Magnetic Island.

  • Provide an effective forum for communication and engagement between the community, Townsville City Council, government departments, commercial providers, and technical experts with open, transparent, and constructive dialogue.

  • Improve knowledge and understanding of community sustainable planning needs, as well as promote participation by the community in sustainable development planning solutions.

  • Collate publicly available information to understand the planning process and how that relates to the Island community’s sustainable planning needs.

  • Take into consideration the federal government’s EPBC Act Policy statement 5.1. (see notation).


Short Term Objectives 2023/2024


Liaise with stakeholders, including Townsville Council to have the Island’s World Heritage values, village environment, carbon reduction strategies and sustainable planning needs and aims, included in any planning law review with a specific focus of Magnetic Island’s unique topography, geology and proximity to marine and land national parks and conservation zones. 


Long term Objectives: 


  • Develop a roadmap for implementing a sustainable development framework, including sustainable building aspirations, for the community to meet the Island’s current and future needs.

  • In partnership with the community, implement the sustainable development planning framework for the Island.


As part of its charter the Group shall work to address the following issues as identified by the federal government in the EPBC Act Policy statement 5.1: as follows: 

Magnetic Island is experiencing significant development pressures. Much of this pressure is centred on the lowland and coastal areas of the Island. Key threats include:

  • Land clearing.

  • Habitat degradation and fragmentation.

  • Poor water quality - for example, elevated nutrients and sediment concentrations from land-based erosion, dredging, run-off and waste discharge.

  • Marine debris and litter.

  • Introduction of exotic plants and animals.

  • Increased human presence - for example, disturbance of sea turtle and bird nesting sites through noise, direct harassment, inappropriate lighting and increasing vessel traffic.


Relevant documents for further reading:

Join us today!

All members of the Magnetic Island community are welcome to be part of this Working Group. The Group holds monthly meetings on the Island, with a Zoom link for those who cannot attend in person.


If you would like to come to a meeting, please contact the group coordinator, Aniko Papp at

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