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Overview - Climate Action Projects

MICDA is a not-for-profit incorporated organisation and has obtained a grant for Community Climate Action from the Great Barrier Reef Foundation (GBRF). The purpose of the grant is to accelerate community climate action projects for Magnetic Island. The climate action projects will focus on:

  • Helping households and businesses become zero waste and obtain electricity from renewable sources.

  • Working with a whole of island zero waste strategy and a feasibility study for a microgrid.

  • Expanding the Island’s existing organic waste conversion to soil enhancers.

  • Working with the community-based working groups which are focused on a sustainable future for the Island. 

  • Working with Island Businesses to assist them in adopting renewable energy and zero waste strategies.


See our MI Future Groups page for more details on each of the Working Groups.

How to apply and renumeration

For more information on the four job positions, please click on each of the 'Position description'  links above.

For more information on remuneration for each of these positions, please apply before or by 5pm on Monday 25th March 2024, and the details will be forwarded to you.

This funding and initiatives are proudly supported by:

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