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MICDA Arcadia Horseshoe Bay Track Project

Arcadia to Horseshoe Bay Project

A private foundation approached MICDA in 2020 concerned about the number of people, mainly tourists, walking on the road between Arcadia to Horseshoe Bay and how dangerous that was.


The Foundation offered funding to undertake a feasibility study on how to improve the situation. MICDA then liaised with MINCA and Queensland National Parks Service (QNPS) about this project.


A walking trail expert recommended by QNPS was engaged to walk a potential trail. The subsequent report indicated that the first 600-800 metres from Arcadia was the significant danger area and if a proposal could be developed for that area that a trail could then connect to the Old Telstra Track, and onwards to an existing track into Horseshoe Bay.


It was then proposed to develop an overhead walkway of minimal environmental impact above the rocky creek beside the road, as the best option.


A specialised engineering firm SMEC was engaged to undertake spatial work on that specific area before design work could be undertaken. Then SMEC donated some of their resources to complete a design of the new walkway out of Arcadia. The next stage in the project is costing and seeking funding for the project.

As a community organisation, MICDA will ensure that the community is consulted with regards to any new developments regarding this project.



Rob Dorgelo

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